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Rain Water Recuperation
Rain Water RecuperationRGJ Power specializes in large & small scale water recuperation systems for residential uses, housing developments, commercial buildings, farms, sports complexes & municipal areas
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100% Natural Hemp InsulationFind all you need to insulate your home or office using Hemp Insulation - rolls, sheets & stuffing
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Our bands, adhesives and glues conform to the norms DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and ONorm B8110-2.
Uni Tape

Universal Adhesive Tape

The paper tape can easily be torn by hand. Tape and release paper are easy to detach on the tear-off edge which enables easy application. The reinforcement layer increases its tear resistance.
Fields of Application :Sealing joints on surfaces and on corners as well as for joining vapour barriers with each other.

 Description Dimensions/Roll Price per Roll
 Uni Tape 6 cm wide, 30 m long €21,53
Tescon No. 1

All-round adhesive tape for interior and exterior use
Fields of Applications
Interior : Gluing all surfaces (OSB / vapour barriers), connections of penetrations (eg. pipes), connections to non-mineral building elements.
Exterior: Gluing the overlap of sub-roof and sarking felts (eg. Solitex), gluing MDF panels, connections to roof mounting parts, eg. skylights.
UV resistance: 3 months
Description Dimensions/Roll Price per roll
 Tescon 1 6 cm wide, 30 m long €26,91
Tescon Profil

All-round adhesive tape for corners
Fields of Applications
Interior :Connections of windows and doors to vapour barriers and to wooden panels (eg. OSB), connections to building elements
Exterior :Connections of roof mounting parts, eg. skylights, to sub-roof and sarking felts (eg. Solitex) and to MDF panels (DWD, DHF)
Charasteristics :3 separate release papers, extremely elastic (punctually more than 50%), permanently deformable and will not bounce, very pliant, extremely moisture resistant, UV resistance 3 months, high thermal stability, diffusion open.
UV Protection : 3 months

Description Dimensions/Roll Price per roll
 Tescon Profil 6 cm wide, 30 m long €34,09


Double-sided adhesive tape
Fields of Applications : Moisture-proof sealing of roof underlays, roofing and sarking felts. Affixing vapour barriers to metal supports.
Description Dimensions/Roll Price per roll
 Duplex 2,5 cm wide, 20 m long €7,18

Elastic Adhesive Tape
Characteristics: Flexible, with release paper, can be torn off by hand.
Description Dimensions/Roll Price per roll
 Elasto 6 cm wide, 30 m long €23,00
 Elasto 6 cm wide, 3 m long €3,00

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Adhesives & Bands

Deseeded SoapnutsSoapnuts

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Products are shipped from Germany and arrive 4 - 5 days after payment clears.

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