Solar, Wind & Hybrid Grid-Tie Systems

Let RGJ Power be your practical power source for remote, residential and commercial electricity RGJ Power is a trusted supplier of wind power nationwide and in many countries.
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Solar, Wind & Hybrid Grid-Tie Systems
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Complete Off-Grid Wind Turbine Kits

Complete Off-Grid Wind Turbine KitsOur Complete Off-Grid Wind Turbine Kits are perfect for your off-grid facility. Our use as a "Hybrid" system.
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High Quality Installation

Professional InstallationOur professional installation teams have extensive experience and will install your system to our high standards.

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RGJ Power specializes in large & small scale Solar PV & Wind Turbine / Wind Generator On-Grid Systems for residential & commercial applications.
Whatever your request for an installation or purchase of a solar & wind turbine on-grid systems, RGJ Power will be able to propose the good solution to you at the best price. Contact us!
European Telephone +33 (0) 6 65 73 50 74 or sales<@>

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