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The Importants of Ph
The Importants of PhPH stands for Potential Hydrogen. All Hydroponic nutrient solutions need to be kept at the proper PH if they are to be used by the plants.
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Professional Hydroponic AccessoiresHigh quality accessoires for your Hydroponic system shipped to your door
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Growing Mediums
Hydroponic Growing MediumsThere are many Hydroponic growing mediums that plants will thrive in provided they are used correctly in conjunction with the other aspects of the Hydroponic growing system
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RGJ Power provides you with answers to all your questions you might have about using a timer for your Hydroponic nutrient pump or grow lights.
  • Why should I use a timer?
  • What rating timer should I buy?

  • Learn all about Light & Nutrient Timers & purchase one for your Hydroponic system and grow lights below....
    Introduction to Hydroponic Light & Nutrient Timers
    Hydroponic timers for your Hydroponic grow lights and for the Hydroponic nutrient pump make Hydroponic gardening so much easier. You can make almost everything within the Hydroponic system automatic.

    You still have to monitor the Ph and PPM of your Hydroponic nutrient solution and make adjustments up or down when needed but the feed times and duration along with the grow lights coming on and going off is fully automatic when you install good timers in your Hydroponic system.

    Some larger commercial Hydroponic operations actually have monitors and alarms installed to monitor Ph and PPM of their nutrient tanks. Smaller Hydroponic systems rely on human monitoring of these things, usually checking these things on a daily basis

    To make our Hydroponic gardening system fully automatic we will need a timer for lights and also a timer for the Hydroponic nutrient tank pump. If you already know what you will be growing and what kind of Hydroponic system you will be using that will help a lot with choosing the right timers. Knowing what our Hydroponic growing medium will help even more.

    This simple timer here is by Intermatic and is really all you will need to control most Hydroponic grow lights. You can find this and similar type timers in most hardware stores or even in department stores.This particular model has up to 3 on and off settings per day and for your Hydroponic grow light you will just be needing 1 on and 1 off setting per day. Try to get a timer that is rated heavy duty (15 amps or more) and has a 3 prong grounded outlet. Any timer that is rated for air conditioners or appliances should be fine.

    For any technical support you might need for your hydroponic grow light or nutrient tank timer, please Contact us


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    Starting SeedlingsStarting your own seedlings for Hydroponic gardening can be very simple and rewarding experience and will reduce your overall costs
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    Grow Light Science
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    Plant Growing Data In Hydroponic gardening, it is important to know what different types of nutrients are best for the different varieties of Hydroponic plants you will be growing...
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