Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels 70W, 75W, 90W, 100W, 120W & 150W

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Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
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  • Supplied with factory fitted aluminum frame ideal for solar roof panels.
  • Hail tested with a steel ball from 1m height.
  • Temperature Range : -40C~+80C
  • Tolerance Wattage : +/-3%
  • Surface Maximum Load Capacity: 60m/s(200kg/sq.m)
  • Standard Test Conditions: (%): >13
  • Testing Conditions - standard AM 1.5 100mW/cm2 25C
  • Certificates: CE, ISO9001-2000
  • Warranty: 2 years product warranty and 25 years for 80% of the power

  • 70W SOLAR PANEL MONO - 210,00 €

    The stable orbit Aluminium frame and the special harden glass protect the module even under adverse conditions. 2x Bypass Diodes included.
    Technical Details
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    75W SOLAR PANEL MONO - 245,00 €

    36 Monocrystalline solar cells. Aluminium Frame and special hardened glass protects the module against adverse weather conditions. Big junction box with integrated 2x Bypass Diodes..
    Technical Details
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    90W SOLAR PANEL MONO - 270,00 €

    Special harden glass makes it possible to use these solar panels even under extreme climatic conditions such as high loads of snow. Waterproof junction box at the rear of the module includes 2x Bypass Diodes..
    Technical Details
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    100W SOLAR PANEL MONO - 300,00 €

    Thanks to its 72 solar cells with innovative back side contact technology and an optimized module design, this solar panel offers elegance & quality that is unsurpassed.
    Technical Details
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    120W SOLAR PANEL MONO - 360.00€

    36 monocrystalline cells (156 mm x 156 mm) in each module allow excellent Performance, even in reduced sunlight conditions.
    Technical Details
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    150W SOLAR PANEL MONO - 450,00 €

    72 monocrystalline cells(125mm x 125mm). Each panel is created with cells of the same performance class. The panel is part of a self-enclosed frame made of anodized aluminum, protecting the cells permanently from environmental influences.
    Technical Details
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    10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W & 60W
    Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels

    Payments accepted - PayPal (credit/debit card) & Bank Transfer
    Products are shipped from Germany and arrive 4 - 5 days after payment clears.

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