Portable Mono-Crystalline Solar Chargers 24W, 40W & 100W

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Portable Mono-Crystalline Solar Chargers 24W, 40W & 100W



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For shipping to the US, Canada & Australia, please contact us.
Warranty: 2 years product warranty and 25 years for 80% of the power

24W Mono Solar Case 12/24V

40W Mono Solar Case 12/24V

100W Mono Solar Case 12/24V
Our Solar Portable Chargers are mobile power generators, designed to charge your devices without tying you to a power outlet, which makes them ideal for traveling and camping.
These Solar panels in suitcase style provide instant energy for various products, radios, mobile phones, Notebooks, etc. Anywhere, Anytime POWER!

Simply and quickly mounted on weekend houses, mobile homes, boats or camping. This Solar Suitcase will supply electrical power for lighting, refrigerators and televisions .

24W Mono Solar Case 24 / 48V
40W Mono Solar Case 24 / 48V
100W Mono Solar Case 24 / 48V
Power Rating
(P. MAX.) 
24 Watt (wp)40 Watt (wp)100 Watt (wp)

Voltage at rated power(Vpmx.)

17,5 V (12V System)
35,0 V (24 V System)
17,5 V (12 V System)
35 V (24 V System)
17,5 V (12 V System)
35 V (24 V System)
 Open circuit voltage(VOC)22 V (12 V System)
44 V (24 V System)

22 V (12 V System)
44 V (24 V System)

22 V (12 V System)
44 V (24 V System)

 Current at rated power(IpMax.) 1,50 A (12 V System)
0,75 A (24 V System)

2,25 A (12 V System)
1,13 A (24 V System)

5,80 A (12 V System)
2,90 A (24 V System)

Short Circuit Current(ISO)  2,00 A (12 V System)
1,00 A (24 V System)
2,40 A (12 V System)
1,20 A (24 V System)
6,60 A (12 V System)
3,30 A (24 V System)
Size 920X315X20 mm760X545X30 mm905X550X30 mm
Weight 6 Kg5.15 Kg14,50 Kg
Price €90,00€150,00€375,00

Payments accepted - PayPal (credit/debit card), Bank Transfer
Products are shipped from Germany and arrive 4 - 5 days after payment clears.

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