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Harvesting Rain-Water can save
50% off your yearly water consumption.


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Common Uses of Rain-Water Include
  • Filling of toilets & washing machines,
  • Watering of parks, gardens and sports grounds,
  • Cleaning of roadway systems (pavements, sidewalks, market areas),
  • Cleaning of vehicles,
  • Filling of ponds,
  • Filling of fire protection water reserves.
  • Why Recuperate Rain-Water?
  • Save on your water consumption,
  • Help your community with flood prevention,
  • Avoid the over-exploitation of water tables,
  • Reduce your alliance with your local water company,
  • Being Eco-Friendly.
  • RGJ Power specializes in large & small scale water recuperation systems for residential uses, housing developments, commercial buildings, sports complexes, municipal areas, farms & public / private gardens, etc.
    Whatever your request for an installation of rainwater recovery, RGJ Power will be able to propose the best solution to you at the best price. Contact us!
    European Telephone (Spain) +34 675 160 564 or Contact Us thru our web page
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