StecaGrid LCD Control

StecaGrid Control monitors a system with a maximum output of 3,600 watts.

The StecaGrid Control is able to control a system with maximum power of 3600 watt. Due to the standards for example In Germany, Austria and France, the use of a StecaGrid Control D1 network supervising function (ENS) and built-in residual current circuit breaker is required.
The front panel display of the StecaGrid Control shows the produced energy of the MiniString-inverters and represents the status of the system.

Technical Specifications
  • Text LCD display
  • Max Output Voltage - 16 Ampere
  • Max. Peak Power - 3600 Watt
  • Circuit Breaker - 30 mA
  • Output Voltage - 196-253 Volt 50 Hz.
  • Power Loss During Night Mode - 2,4 Watt
  • Size - 176/243/71 mm | Weight - 1,75 Kg

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    StecaGrid LCD Control - €348,00