MPPT, LCD & LED Solar & Wind Charge Controllers

Maximum Power Point Tracking solar charge controllers or MPPT charge controllers are relatively new to the renewable energy industry. These charge controllers are different than the traditional charge controllers in that they are more efficient and in many cases more feature rich.

MPPT charge controllers allow your solar panels to operate at their optimum power output voltage, improving their performance by as much as 30%. Traditional charge controllers reduce the efficiency of one part of your system in order to make it work with another. Several MPPT charge controllers can accept high input voltages (up to 120V+ DC) from your solar array and efficiently down convert the DC voltage to that of your system (e.g. 12, 24, 48VDC, etc) which means you aren't losing any generated power and you are able to use what you generate more efficiently.
40A MPPT Charge Controller 12-24-36 Volt (high voltage input) - €114,50
This charge controller is suitable in particular by its optimized load function of 99,5% of the provided input stream.
It is ideal for the use with solar modules 12-24 and 36 Volt suitable in conjunction with batteries
Input Voltage = 15-55 Volts | Overload Shut Down - 12,0-14,0 VDC 24,0-28,0 VDC
Max Input Current 40A 12V=480W - 24V=960W| Terminals - 6mm2 | System 12/24 V
Size - 192/110-140/66 mm | Weight = 1,4 Kg
10A MPPT Charge Controller 12V - €60,50

With this 10A charge controller, you gain up to 35% more energy from your system. Exclusive Maximum Power Point Tracking System(MPPT)..
Input Voltage= 11,90V | Overload Shut Down - 13,90V
Max Input Current 10A 120W | Terminals - 10mm | System 12V
Size - 170x125x45 mm | Weight = 0,3 Kg
12A LED Charge Controller 12V - €20,00
This 12A charge controller 12V can be combined with all types of solar panels. The controller supervises the solar system and maintains the battery at optimal operating conditions..
Input Voltage = 11,90V | Overload Shut Down - 13,90V
Max Input Current 12A | Terminals - 4mm | System 12V
Size - 105x95x38 mm | Weight = 0,1 Kg
20A LCD Charge Controller 12V - €60,00
Microcontroller provides precise charging while keeping battery temperatures stable. Over & Under load protection. High Quality at a low price.
Input Voltage = 11,90V | Overload Shut Down - 13,90V
Max Input Current 20A | Terminals - 8mm | System 12V
Size - 135x115x45 mm | Weight = 0,3 Kg
45A LCD / 12V-24V Charge Controller - €101,00
This charge controller is equipped with a download discharge-fuse. Status indicator for charging, min. / max. - present value, LCD display for temperature, current and voltage.
Input Voltage = 11,10V - 21,20V(24V)
Overload Shut Down - 13,90V - 27,80V(24V)
Max Input Current 45A (12V=540W - 24V=1080W) | Terminals - 10mm2 | System 12/24V
Size - 160x145x55 mm | Weight = 0,5 Kg

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