500W Windmaster On-Grid Wind Power Inverter

The Windmaster 500 is a grid connected inverter for connecting small wind turbines.
The Windmaster 500 offers a simple solution when connecting a 500 watt turbine to your household mains supply. With it's light weight and compact size, the Windmaster 500 can be installed inside existing meter cupboards or in outbuildings (but it is not suitable for outdoors). Connection to the input of the inverter is provided by 2 dedicated DC power plugs. The output should be connected in accordance with the electrical requirements for the country of installation.

In low wind sites it is advisable to use only one inverter with a 500 watt turbine, since over 90% of the power produced by the turbine will lie under the 500W export power limit of the inverter. For higher wind speed sites we suggest 2 inverters, connected in parallel to handle the full power of the turbine. No charge controller is required when using these inverters since they can handle a much higher input voltage than the turbine can produce, even in power-cut situations.
The Mastervolt Windmaster inverter has a power rating of 500 Watt continuous with an input voltage window between 40-125V DC

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Nominal power 550 Wdc
Startup power1 Wdc
Operating voltage range35 – 150 Vdc
Full power voltage range65 – 125 Vdc
Max. current 8 A
Max. short circuit current12 A
Nominal power 525 Wac
Grid Voltage230 V (185 – 264 V programmable)
Frequency 50 Hz (48 – 52 Hz programmable)
Cos Phi0.99
Standby power consumption<0,05 Wac
Max. efficiency 93%
Connection1,8 meter of AC wire

Operating temperature
- 20 to 50 °C (full power up to 40 ° C)
Storage temperature
- 20 ° C to 70 ° C
Relative humidity
Max. 95% non-condensing
Electronics have anti-moisture coating
Protection degree
IP 23 (for indoor use)
Safety class
Class II double insulated
Galvanic isolation
Class II HF transformer
UL 5V fire retardant ABS/PC
Wall mounting, bracket included
92 x 72x 225 mm
2 kg
5 years