In-Ground Rain-Water Recuperation Tanks  2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 7500 & 10,000 liters

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In-Ground Rain-Water Recuperation Tanks 
2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 7500 & 10,000 liters


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  • Made from recyclable food quality polyethylene
  • Thick walls
  • Very resistance to deformation
  • 4 and 2 ring handles for easy lifting and unloading
  • Big manhole, measuring 800 x 600: facilitates mounting filter and siphon
  • The cheminee measures about 250 mm high, with filling & overflow connections with joints & caps measuring ø 100 mm.
  • Also has 2 exit/enter places measuring ø 100 mm.
  • The double-insulated cover is green in color and lockable.
  • Top of Tank - 2 rings for lifting
  • Bottom of Tank - Stability Feet & ø 50 mm connection point for adding additional tanks in-line.
  • Also can be used as an holding tank.

  •  Cap litres  Width mm  Length mm Height mm / kg  Reference #  Price
    2000 1260 2150 1590/112 08200 €850 
    3000 1460 2450 1785/158 08201 €1100
    4000 1690 2450 2010/208 08202 €1375 
    5000 1910 2450 2230/258 08203 €1750 
    7500 2200 2790 2500/390 08204 €2450 
    10000 2420 2840 2590/480 08013 €3100 

    Plastic or Cement?

    What is the best solution?

    Unlike concrete tanks, plastic tanks, by their minimal weight, can be carried without requiring the help of  machines and thereby avoid damage to your garden and septic system. This is particularly important if you are installing a rain-water recuperation tank in exsiting homes.

    Another advantage of the plastic tank,  is simplified cleaning.
    Interior walls of concrete tanks are rough and impurities can easily lodge there
    Also with a concrete tank, you run a risk by when washing the tank, that particles of cement or impurites missed by the filters pollute the rainwater and at worst, damage the pump.
    In addition, limestone in the concrete can make the rainwater "impure".

    Prices can change without notice. | Photos and diagrams non-contracatuels.
    Shipping and handling not included.

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