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Vapour Barriers
Vapour Barriers

Solitex Plus

4-layered structure, PP microfiber cover fleece, monolithic TEEE film, PP reinforcement layers, PP microfiber protection fleece
Fields of application: Roofs.

Technical Data
Surface cover weight: 170g/m2 | SD-value: < 0.10 m
Tear resistance: > 390 N / 5cm | Fire resistance class.: B2
Exposable to weather unguarded: 3 months

DescriptionDimension = m2/Roll  Price per m2 Price per Roll
SOLITEX PLUS1,50 x 50 m = 75,0 m2€2,25 €168,75

Solitex UD

Roofing felt on boardings and thermal insulation.
3-layered structure: PP microfibre cover fleece, monolithic TEEE coating, PP microfibre protection fleece..
Fields of application: Roofs
Technical Data
Coating weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2 140 g/m2
Breaking load DIN EN ISO 1421 > 150 N / 5cm

sd-value DIN EN 12572 <0.10 m | Fire resistance class DIN 4102 B2
Exposable to weather unprotected 3 months

DescriptionDimensions = m2/Roll  Price per m2 Price per Roll
SOLITEX UD1,50 x 50 m = 75,0 m2€1,90 €142,50
Solitex WA

Sarking felt for walls - protects the construction during the building phase and between the interstices of facades.
Material : PP microfibre fleece
Fields of application:Walls
Glue with : DUPLEX,  TESCON No. 1, ORCON F

Technical Data
Coating weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2 100 g/m2 | Thickness 0.45 mm
Water vapour DIN EN 12572 111 diffusion resistance coefficient
sd-value DIN EN 12572 < 0.05 m | Fire resistance class DIN 4102 B2
Water column DIN EN 20811 > 2500 mm | UV resistance 3 months
Breaking load DIN EN ISO 1421 > 140 N / 5 cm | Tear strength to pull out a nail DIN EN 12310-1 > 120 N
Temperature consistency DIN 53361 -40 C to +100 C

DescriptionDimensions = m2/Roll  Price per m2 Price per Roll
SOLITEX WA1,50 x 50 m = 75,0 m2€1,40 €105,00

Payments accepted - PayPal (credit/debit card) & Bank Transfer
Products are shipped from Germany or France and arrive 4 - 5 days after payment clears.

Vapour Barriers
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