Clay Building Products

100% Natural Clay Building Mortars & Plasters

Our clay plasters can be processed for a long period of time without any pressure of time because clay does not harden chemically but only reaches its final stability by drying.

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Clay Plasters & Mortars

Pure clay is refined with vegetable fibres to create a top quality mortar or plaster. RGJ Powers clay plasters can be applied in all rooms of a house. The pleasantly structured surfaces are open porous and hygienic.

Characteristics: Our clay plasters convince by their natural beauty, they feel nice and absorb high quantities of humidity. They harden slowly by natural drying and can thus be easily and comfortably processed, even by a do-it-yourselfer.

A 100% Natural Building Product

Fields of application : Use as undercoat or finishing plaster depending on granulation, for renovation, monument conservation, new and old buildings, as plaster also on gypsum plaster boards, gypsum fibre panels or elements, suitable for integrating reinforcement fabrics, clay mortar for laying clay building elements.

 Designation Renderment/Sac
 Clay Undercoat Plaster
granulation 0 - 2.0 mm
Renderment : env. 1,5 m2 per a thickness of 10 mm 
Clay Finishing Plaster
granulation 0 - 1.0 mm
Renderment : env. 3 m2 per a thickness of 5 mm  
Clay Mortar
granulation 0 - 2.0 mm
 Renderment : env. 3,5 m2 of masonary

 Designation DescriptionPrice TVA/VAT inc.
Clay Undercoat Plaster33 sacs/pal. a 30 kg  €14,00 / Sac
Clay Undercoat Plaster  Big Bag 1000 kg€250,00 / BigBag 
Clay Finishing Plaster 33 sacs/pal. a 30 kg  €14,00 / Sac
Clay Finishing Plaster  Big Bag a 1000 kg €250,00 / BigBag 
 Clay Mortar dry 33 sacs/pal. a 30 kg  €14,00 / Sac

The cost of a Big Bag is €6. The bag is non-returnable

Reinforcement Mesh

RGJ offers you a jute or glass fibre fabric to reinforce our clay plasters.



 Largeur x Longueur = m2/Rouleau

 Price /m2

 Price per roll

 Tissu en jute 7 x 7 mm


 0,90 x 50 m = 45 m2



Glass Fibre Fabric 7x7 mm

165 g/m2

 1,00 x 50 m = 50 m2



Our clay plasters and mortars are shipped on pallets with a plastic protection wrapper, although we do not guarantee that water will not enter, we take all precautions against this.
Prices shown are including VAT.

Our Plasters and Mortars are sold in full, half and quarter pallets.