RGJ Gourmet Mushrooms

Our Goals

The objectives of this innovative business project are:
1. Production of high quality, fresh gourmet mushrooms to sell to local restaurants, markets and online.
2. Sustainable and environmentally friendly production, using LED lighting and used coffee grounds, straw for a growing medium.
3. Contribute to the social and economic development to the local local economies of Barcelona, Valencia, Spain & Nice, France.
A Sustainable Activity
Gourmet Mushrooms
Our commitment here at RGJ Power is to develop a sustainable economic activity with respect to the local environment, therefore we will use the following systems:

  • Water: mushrooms do not require a lot of water.
  • LED grow lights to reduce our electricity usage
  • Our growing facilities will be located in city centers, delivery will be on foot, thru bicycle, electric scooter or public transportation
  • Waste: our growing mediums are 100% natural and a great source of compost for plants or a soil additive.

  • Invest in RGJ Power Gourmet Mushrooms
    Invest in RGJ Power Ltd
    RGJ Power Ltd is looking for investors/partners in Barcelona, Valencia & Nice to help fund our mushroom growing facilities.
    Let our expertise work for you!

  • Active or passive investors wanted.
  • Low capital requirements
  • Low risk, high return opportunities
  • Perfect opportunity for restaurants, households, schools to have a steady supply of fresh gourmet mushrooms.
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