100% Natural Hemp Insulation
Technical Data Sheet

100% Natural

Technical Data

European Registration # 

 AbZ # Z23.16-1577 


82-85% Hemp,

10-15% Bi-component fibres,

3-5% Soda(fire protection)

Bulk Density 

   Env. 38 kg/m3

 Metered Value of Thermal Conductivity λ

0,040 W/(m-K)

 Specific Thermal Capacity c

 1600 j/(kg-K)

 Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance Coefficient μ


 Flow Resistance

 6,0 kPa-s/m2

 Fire & Construction Material Class

 Fire class, European Class E

Maximal Working Temperature 

 120 C

 Sensitivity to Mold Fungus(conforms EN ISO 846)

 No mold fungus growth identifiable

Technical Data available on demand