RGJ Automated Hanging Planter



With houseplants again gaining in popularity and growing concerns about indoor air quality, we have decided to take our expertise and create a fully automatic hanging garden; the RGJ Automated Hanging Planter (RGJ AHP).

While enhancing the overall appearance of a space with it's aesthetic design, the RGJ Automated Hanging Planter has the additional benefit to your home or business of reducing stress, increasing productivity, filtering harmful toxins and pollutants from the air.

RGJ Automated Hanging Planter

The RGJ Automated Hanging Planter is a 100x80x30cm fully automated 12 to 28 plant fully enclosed planter which can be hanged on a wall or placed on a stand.
It has a steel and aluminium frame and an enclosed nutrient reservoir. Requires 220v

Future Development

The RGJ AHP is to increase growing size, have optional grow lights, touchscreen controls, duo photobioreactor and hydroponic cabinet, exterior models, portable models, retail sales, rental & service contracts, color options

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