RGJ Spirulina Photobioreactor


RGJ Power Ltd. has created the RGJ Spirulina Photobioreactor (RGJ SP) for small scale commercial and residential clients.
The RGJ SP will provide a low cost source of the one of the most potent nutrient sources available within an aesthetically pleasing presentation suitable for any evironment

RGJ Spirulina Photobioreactor

RGJ SP The RGJ SP is a fully automated, spirulina photobioreactor that allows the grower to easily harvest and use spirulina in their daily diet.
It is enclosed in a 100x80x30cm steel and white aluminium frame suitable for hanging or sitting on a base. There are 3-4(?) liter reactors and 3-4(?) LED grow lights. Requires 220v

Future Development

The RGJ SP is to increase growing size, have better grow lights, duo reactor and hydroponic cabinets, wifi connectivity, smaller models, retail sales, rental & service contracts, color options

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